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      Erin Uritus
      • Out & Equal

      Hi everyone,

      I’m thrilled you are here, and now part of a vibrant space that extends year-round between our in person and virtual events!

      When we shifted our approach four years ago from top down, to being at the center of a more intentional and dynamic learning community, we wanted to help leverage the power of the whole to dramatically accelerate LGBTQ workplace equality worldwide.

      When your company became sponsors of O&E, it represented a commitment to really empowering you as internal change agents. To not asking you to start over. To more quickly connecting you to the best practices, wisdom and insights for more effective implementation. And, to giving you practical tools, templates and practices that help you avoid re-inventing the wheel and enable you to spend more time on tailoring, on innovating, and on communicating and connecting to those LGBTQ and ally employees that need you!

      This is a labor of love for O&E that we always believed in deeply. And yet, we never could have imagined how important it would become during the isolation and pressure of two pandemic years. Now, with hundreds of resources at your fingertips, our ask is simple but critically important. That is: Don’t wait to engage. Reach out and be in dialogue with your colleagues here. Ask questions, give feedback, and most importantly pay it forward by contributing resources from your own company (even before they might be perfectly polished case studies!) so that the evolution of this work can continue.

      Folks sometimes like to joke about our “day jobs” and “gay jobs”. But I wonder how many of you know that in either capacity your service to our community makes you a part of the larger LGBTQ movement. And the impact you are having is more important than it has ever been. With your help, this Hub will grow stronger, more dynamic and more useful with every post. It will mean that every Summit will leverage this year-round learning and slingshot us forward.

      We are so grateful you are here, and thank you in advance for what you will help us build. See you on the boards! And I hope to see you at Summit in Vegas, or virtually in 2022!

      Best and your colleague in the movement,

      CEO, Out and Equal

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